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My research focuses on promoting fashion and textiles with digital visual merchandising designs based on visual merchandising theory and design methodology in on/offline environments. The study has identified the design factors (concept formation, layout design, ambient condition, interactivity level and visual complexity level) and design contexts in digital visual merchandising design. By synthesising the information management, psychological effects and findings from digital visual merchandising implementations, a comprehensive theoretical framework, and the derived design process model have been formulated for innovative textiles and fashion digital visual merchandising design.


I would like to promote the appreciation of fashion, art and culture through design, research, lecture and publication. My research interests lie in communicating and promoting fashion design and costume culture in both commercial and non-commercial on/offline settings through creative digital and design solutions. On the other hand, I understand consumers / audiences in environment settings based on behaviour discipline and link it to diverse design contexts aimed at identifying the core values and emotions of consumers / audiences that are positive or negative to their cognition and purchasing intentions.


My recent research interests include, but are not limited to:

- Fashion commutation and promotion

- Visual merchandising design

- Exhibition design

- Content design

- Branding

- Digital marketing


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